Adjusting to college life on both the academic and personal level can seem overwhelming to many students. AAP students may face many stressors. Successful completion of all Summer Transitional Program components is a requirement for every student entering the University through the Student Support Services/Intensive Educational Development (SSS/IED) Programs.

This six-week program helps students prepare for college life and takes place the summer prior to the Fall semester they are admitted. Academic adjustment is aided by:

  • Skills enhancement in math, English, college study strategies, and tutoring.

  • Participation in a three-credit university core course.

  • Enrollment in a one-credit college orientation course.

  • Weekly individual and/or group counseling sessions.

  • Structured study hall four days per week.

  • Career/Major exploration workshops.

  • Educational and Cultural Event experiences.

Simply stated, STP is a valuable, enriching tool in the preparation, retention, graduation, and success of all AAP students.