Academic Achievement Programs

Welcome to Academic Achievement Programs (AAP)

AAP is composed of 7 different programs which includes the Summer Transitional Program (STP), Student Support Services / Intensive Educational Development (SSS/IED), Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program, the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC), and the Educational Talent Search Programs (ETS) North and Central.

AAP on-campus programs provide: academic support, academic coaching and advising, skill enhancement, tutoring and counseling. Our community based program, EOC, provides college admissions and financial aid counseling / advising assistance, academic and college placement assistance, and college career alignment coaching. Our Educational Talent Search Programs (ETS) North and Central each provide small group tutoring, academic advising and counseling, comprehensive college prep, and career exploration at select high schools. Please explore the services available to you through our seven programs.

Explore the Academic Achievement Programs
Educational Opportunity Center
If you are an adult, 19 yrs. and older, or a high school senior, who has never enrolled (or wishes to reenroll) in college, then please visit the Educational Opportunity Center. There you can learn about, and get assistance with, the college admissions and financial aid process. You can also receive assistance in getting into a GED program.
Summer Transitional Program
If you are considering applying to the University of Maryland--College Park and wish to participate in the AAP Summer Transitional Program (STP), you must first apply to the University through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The admissions office makes all referrals to AAP. If you have already been referred to AAP, then follow the directions that have been provided by the admissions office to complete the process for consideration to AAP.
Intensive Educational Development / Student Support Services
Through our Intensive Educational Development/Student Support Services (IED/SSS), academic instruction/support in English, math, and reading and study skills are provided. Student Support Services provides counseling, academic and career advising, academic coaching, and financial literacy support.

AAP's Academic Support Tutoring Services (ASTS) provides tutoring to both AAP and general campus students in high risk academic courses.

All services offered are available to students admitted to the University through AAP throughout their undergraduate career.
Ronald E. McNair Program

Undergraduates at the University of Maryland--College Park, Frostburg State University, or Saint Mary's College of Maryland interested in research intensive careers are provided support through research skill training, research faculty mentoring, research presentation skills development, and assistance with the graduate school admissions and financial aid process. If you are interested in getting your PhD, Ronald E. McNair Program is the place to be.

Educational Talent Search Programs (ETS) North and Central

The Educational Talent Search Programs (ETS) North and Central seek students from eight target schools throughout Prince George's County. Each program serves 500 students in each of the two sections: North and Central. Talent Search works with high schools to identify and assist low-income and first generation students who have the potential to succeed in higher education. If you are interested in learning more, please visit the Talent Search web page.