The Student Support Services/Intensive Educational Development (SSS/IED) Programs provide an admissions option for students who display the potential to be successful at the University of Maryland even though their academic profile may be less competitive. Specifically, the programs provide undergraduate students with instruction in skills enhancement, academic tutoring, and counseling support necessary to improve retention and graduation rates.


1: What are the fees for the summer?

The tuition charge varies from year to year and is set by the university. The student will be registered for a total of four (4) university credits. There will be an additional charge if the student resides in the residence hall. Costs associated with the program for this year are outlined here.

2: What are the living arrangements? Does the student have to live on campus?

Students are encouraged to live on campus but are not required to do so. AAP has an assigned residence hall as a courtesy from the university for our students to stay in during STP.

3: How do I select my courses for the summer?

Courses are selected based on the student's intended university major, and any transfer AP credits or other college credits are considered prior to the course selection as well. AAP offers a variety of university classes which makes the process a little easier, in general, for the student.

4: What am I allowed to bring to the residence hall?

See Department of Resident Life for information about residence halls.

5: Can I park on campus if I live on campus during the summer?

Students residing on campus cannot park on campus during the summer due to parking limitations.

6: Does AAP guarantee my admission to the university if I complete STP?

No, a student's performance is evaluated at the end of the program and recommendations are made based on his/her entire performance.

7: What happens if I do not get accepted into the university after completing STP?

There is a mandatory mid-summer evaluation meeting with your assigned Counselor-Advisor in the event that a student is experiencing academic difficulty, and other options are discussed and explored. All final decisions are made by the Executive Director.

8: Do I have to attend the orientation? Can the fee be waived or billed to me, instead?

Orientation is mandatory for all STP participants and at least one parent/guardian. The fee for orientation cannot be waived.

9: Are the parent meetings a requirement?

Yes, these meetings allow the parent to become part of the process of transitioning their student to college.

10: When will I find out whether or not I was accepted into the university?

There is usually a 72-hour turn around for decisions from the last day of STP.

11: Should I buy books for the fall before I receive my acceptance letter?

AAP recommends that students wait until they receive official notification of their acceptance before purchasing textbooks for fall.

12: When do I register for fall courses?

During the third week of STP, ALL students are registered as full-time students with a minimum of 12 credits. Please note this does NOT guarantee a student's acceptance.

13: Is there financial assistance for the cost of STP?

AAP makes every effort to assist students with the cost of summer. UMD's Office of Student Financial Aid partners with AAP to evaluate each student's eligibility for financial assistance to pay for the summer experience. Those students who are Pell eligible will receive a 100% UMD Grant (or need-based institutional aid) to cover their full cost of attendance for STP, including tuition, fees, housing, and board. AAP Counselor-Advisors are available to meet with the student to explore other options and connect them with our liaison in the Office of Student Financial Aid.

14: What if I do not qualify for financial aid?

Students and their families should be prepared to pay for the cost of STP, including books, out of pocket if they do not qualify for financial aid assistance. Please note financial aid does not cover the cost of books. As a result, books are normally paid for out of pocket (e.g. credit card, check, cash).

15: Is there a meal plan for STP?

There is no official meal plan for the summer. However, students are allowed to add money to their Terrapin Express accounts. See Department of Dining Services.

16: When can I move into the residence hall?

Typically, students should come prepared to move into the residence hall during Orientation on Saturday. Due to COVID-19, protocols will be evaluated and shared with students so they can make appropriate plans.

17: Will I have the same room assignment for the fall?

The room assignments are managed by the Department of Resident Life. Students are given the necessary paperwork to reside on campus during the fall and AAP does not have any influence in this process.

18: What are transportation options for commuters? Are commuters allowed to park on campus during STP? If so, where?

Commuters are welcome to utilize the campus shuttle for free. These students are allowed to park in designated parking lots and will have to obtain a permit the first day of class to avoid being ticketed and/or towed. The lot assignments are given by the Department of Transportation Services (DOTS). In addition, the fees are set by DOTS. For more information see Department of Transportation Services.

19: Where do we stay on campus during STP? Are the rooms air conditioned? How many people are assigned to one room?

The residence hall for STP is assigned by the Department of Resident Life. AAP will provide those details to students.

20: Are the residence halls co-ed?

The residence hall itself is co-ed but the floors are separated by gender.

21: Who supervises the residence hall during STP?

There are two AAP resident assistants (RAs) assigned to supervise the residence hall for the summer. SSS Counselor-Advisors and staff are on-call status for STP on a rotating basis in the event of an emergency.

22: Is there a curfew?

There is not a designated curfew for the residence hall.

23: If a student is not accepted after completion of STP, are the credits transferable?

Yes, though credit transfer policies are ultimately based on the institution that the student is transferring to.

24: If I have earned AP credits or other college credits, how do I get them transferred and when will they be posted on my college transcript?

If a student has possible transfer credits, the student must first request that the high school/college that he/she attended submit an official transcript to the UMD Office of Undergraduate Admissions. In the matter of AP credits, the student must contact College Board to submit scores to the UMD Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

25: What do I need to do if I have a documented disability or other health concerns?

Students should see their assigned Counselor-Advisor with the necessary documentation and the student will be given appropriate guidance for additional assistance as needed.

26: Can I request my roommate for STP? Can I request a single room?

Students are assigned rooms and these cannot be negotiated nor may special requests be considered.

27: When should I buy books for my summer courses?

Students should be prepared to buy books for classes shortly before or during STP Orientation.

28: When will I receive my student ID card?

Students are given a temporary student ID card for the summer. This card does not have a photograph but the ID is valid. Once a student is officially accepted to the university they can turn in their temporary student ID for a photo ID. There is no additional charge for this ID, however the student will incur a charge for a replacement.

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