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Summer Transitional Program

Expectations for Summer Transitional Program Students

STP Retention Policy

Students enrolled in the SSS/IED Summer Transitional Program (STP) must successfully complete all program requirements to be admitted to the University in the fall semester.

STP Classroom Expectations

  • Students will attend classes on time daily.

  • Students will be prepared and participate in classes. Attendance will be taken each day.

  • Students will receive out-of-class assignments with clear instructions according to course outline.

  • All instructors will follow the lead of the Component Coordinator and will be accountable to the Component Coordinator.

  • Mobile phones are allowed in class only by permission of instructor.

  • Students will not wear ear-phones while in class.

  • Student will conduct themselves with respect for each other and the instructor in every classroom.

  • Student hats will be allowed only where it is a necessary part of the student's dress. Professional discretion is encouraged; however, this is the classroom instructor's call.

  • Student disruptive behavior will not be tolerated, and should be reported to the Director immediately.

  • Students will submit a complete and neat (typed when appropriate) response for all out-of-class assignments.

  • Students will adhere to the University policy on classroom conduct.

  • Students will adhere to the University Code of Academic Integrity.

  • Students will be responsible for obtaining missed assignments/classwork from peers or by appointment with instructors.

STP Mid-Semester And Final Examinations

During the STP, each academic component provides the Counseling Component with a mid-semester and final evaluation of each student's performance and progress.