Mission and Philosophy

The philosophy of the Student Support Services/Intensive Educational Development Programs (SSS/IED) of the University of Maryland is that grade point averages and standardized test scores do not always provide a full or accurate assessment of a student's potential for success. SSS/IED Programs offer an avenue for students who have not met the university's regular admission requirements (but may have the potential to succeed) access to the institution .

The mission of the Programs is to provide academic and counseling support to aid in the retention and graduation of at-risk students. Specifically, the mission is to provide services that enhance the academic potential and personal growth of each student served. Student Support Services (SSS) works in concert with Intensive Educational Development (IED); the federally funded SSS program providing counseling and the state-funded IED Program providing academic support. The SSS/IED Programs provide a one-credit college orientation course (EDCP 108E) during the Summer Transitional Program (STP). Also, two three-credit courses, Developmental Heuristics I (EDCI 288D) and Developmental Heuristics II (EDCI 288E) are offered to first year students, during the fall and spring semesters, respectively.

The Student Support Services/Intensive Educational Development Programs provide an admissions option for students who display the potential to be successful at the University of Maryland even though the academic profile may be less competitive. Specifically, the programs provide undergraduate students with instruction in skills enhancement, academic tutoring and counseling support necessary to improve retention and graduation rates.