The purpose of the AAP Computer Laptop Lending Program is to provide a mobile computer resource to those AAP students who may not own a PC and/or laptop computer and are in need of computer resources for University related projects. 

The laptops provided through this program are configured to the University's wireless network and include the following software: Windows Vista Home Basic version/Windows XP Professional Version with SP2, Office 2007 Professional/Office 2003 Professional, McAfee Antivirus, and MSN Live Messenger.

Laptop computers for all eligible SSS/McNair scholars must be checked out upon consultation with the Program Associate Director.


  1. Each Borrower must complete an AAP Checkout and Liability form in which s/he acknowledges responsibility for the laptop computer and peripherals checked out under his/her name.

  2. The AAP laptop lending program is only open to borrowers who do not own their own laptops.

  3. The AAP laptop lending program operates on a first come, first served basis.

  4. The Borrower is financially responsible for:

    1. Full replacement cost of the laptop computer and all peripherals checked out under his/her name if lost or stolen during the checkout period.

    2. Full repair costs if the computer or any peripherals are damaged in any way, including spills from food or drink.

    3. Damage or loss charges will be applied directly to the Borrower's University account.

  5. Laptop Checkout options are as follows:

    1. 3 day checkout

    2. 1 week checkout

If there is no student on the waiting list, when the laptop is returned, the Borrower may renew the checkout for a maximum of 1 week.  Borrowers who do not adhere to this return policy will forfeit their eligibility to participate in the AAP computer lending program.

  1. If a computer and/or peripherals are not returned, this will be considered theft of University property and appropriate actions will be taken.

  2. Neither the University nor AAP is responsible for any computer viruses that may be transferred to, or from, a user's disk or network account.

  3. Personal software may not be loaded onto the laptop at any time.

  4. All files created while using the AAP laptop must be saved to floppy disk, CD or DVD.  No files should be saved to the laptop's hard drive.

  5. Violation of the policies listed above will be grounds for refusal of service in the future and/or fines.

All use of the AAP laptops must comply with the University's Guidelines for Acceptable Use of Computing Resources, which can be viewed at http://it.umd.edu/security/Nethics/Policy/aup.html.


  1. Read the above instruction, print and sign the Checkout Form

  2. Bring the signed form and your university ID to Associate Director.

  3. Receive your laptop and power cord. You may be put on the waiting list if no laptop is available at the time you submit the form, but you will be notified through email when a laptop does become available.


  1. Bring the laptop and power cord to Associate Director.

  2. IT Staff will check the computer hardware and software to make sure there is no damage to the computer (You don't have to be present).

  3. You will be notified through email when the check is completed, and the computer is officially checked in.

The PDF version of this guideline and the check out form can be downloaded here