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The Purpose, Goals, and Mission of the
Academic Achievement Programs


The purpose of the Academic Achievement Programs has remained constant through the years – to facilitate access and provide the opportunity of a college education to students who, if evaluated on traditional criteria, might not have access to the University of Maryland.


The Academic Achievement Program goals are to provide leadership, development, monitoring and evaluation of all its activities and services sponsored by the individual programs within the department.


The mission of the Programs is to provide academic and counseling support to aid in the retention and graduation of students. Specifically, the mission is to provide services that enhance the academic potential and personal growth of each student served.


Student Support Services

AAP studemtStudents will enhance their academic prowess through participation in courses that focus upon English writing styles, mathematical computation skills and tutoring academic support services (i.e. course reinforcement and clarification strategies).

Students will demonstrate their ability to navigate through the college system (i.e. registration process, selection of major, four year planning, and calculating cumulative grade point average).

Students will demonstrate critical awareness of diverse cultural experiences through participation in cultural enrichment activities during their first and second years (e.g. theater performances, museum visits, etc.). Students will demonstrate an understanding of the financial aid process and procedure.

Students in their junior and senior years will demonstrate an understanding of the graduate school application process

McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program

Educational Opportunity Center

Participants will demonstrate an understanding of the value and impact of post-secondary education.

Participants will demonstrate an understanding of the financial aid application process.

Participants will demonstrate an understanding of the college application process.

Participants with limited English speaking abilities will demonstrate an understanding of ESL instruction and assistance to make Admissions and or Financial Aid application for PSE.

Community Resource Agents will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the program admission process to assist applicants with the applying for participation in the program.