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Intensive Educational Development Programs (IED)
Student Support Services Program (SSS)

The roots of AAP can be traced back to 1968 with the launch of the state-funded Intensive Educational Development (IED) Program. Through the Federal TRIO and Upward Bound efforts, IED was the first organization to enroll a significant number of African-American students in the University.

When the Student Support Services (SSS) Program gained federal funding a few years later, it helped to expand the counseling and academic services to low-income and first generation participants, allowing IED to focus its resources on the cognitive skill enhancement classes in mathematics, English, reading, college study skills, and tutoring services.

Assisting incoming freshmen to the University is certainly a vital role of IED and SSS. However, the valuable support of these programs continues throughout each AAP student's time at the University, from their first year through graduation.

While the IED and SSS programs are funded through different entities and maintain separate staff, their collaborative efforts and holistic approach help to bring workshops, counseling and academic skill enhancement to students in the following components:

  • English

  • College Study Skills

  • Mathematics

  • Tutoring Services

  • Supplemental Instruction

  • Counseling Services

  • Academic Advising

Together, IED and SSS perform essential functions to support the AAP mission of providing services that enhance the academic potential and personal growth of each student served.