Ronald E. McNair Program

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Dr. Roper Nedd, Associate Director
Ronald E. McNair
Achievement Program
2202 Marie Mount Hall
College Park, MD 20742
Phone: 301.405.4749
Fax: 301.314.7255

Ronald E. McNair

Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program

McNair Scholars for 2015
2015 McNair Scholars

Reasons to Apply: Benefits of Being a McNair Scholar

  • FREE academic skills support services to enhance your research and delivery skills

  • FREE assistance with planning and preparing for graduate school

  • FREE assistance with planning and preparing for doctorate-level education

  • FREE academic credits for research based on the summer McNair courses (up to 6 credits)

  • FREE housing and meals during the summer research experience

  • FREE or REDUCED fee waivers when applying to select graduate schools

  • Being considered for financial support to take the GRE tests

  • Opportunities to attend graduate school visits

  • Opportunities to present your research at McNair research conferences

  • Getting a notation of participation on your official University transcript

  • Getting a stipend to conduct research during the summer research experience

  • Getting connected to a larger national McNair community of student scholars

  • Receiving additional, supplemental academic advising

  • Research mentoring from trained or practicing researchers

  • Being part of the national TRiO community of caring professionals